The following are all the draws for Leith Bowling Club for the Edinburgh & Leith Bowling Association competitions for 2018:

pdf_icon_32x32  2018 Fleming Trophy

pdf_icon_32x32  2018 King George V1 Coronation Pairs

pdf_icon_32x32  2018 Kyles Triples

pdf_icon_32x32  2018 King George V Coronation Fours


pdf_icon_32x32  2018 Turnbull-Moir Senior Singles

pdf_icon_32x32  2018 Kemp Trophy Senior Pairs

pdf_icon_32x32  2018 Glass Trophy Senior Triples

pdf_icon_32x32  2018 McDougall Trophy Senior Rink


  2018 Mixed Rinks – Not available

  2018 Tait Trophy


Draw for the 2018 Top Five. Leith play Sighthill at Leith.
Details of participants and date of tie will be published once agreement has been reached with Sighthill. Tie will take place between Monday 18th June and Sunday 1st July.

  2018 Ian MacFarlane Top 5