Club Competitions

The Leith Bowling Club – Roll of Honour 2018

Championship Winner: Craig Ramsay Runner-up: Graeme Walker
Semi finalists Mike McBrierty   Paul Bryce
Nominated Pairs Winners: Kenny Ettinger Runners-up: Ian Ramsay
Mike Murray Craig Ramsay
Nominated Triples Winners: Alan Morrison Runners-up: Donald Forsyth
George Wood Ian Ramsay
Scott Whigham Darren McKenny
Nominated Fours   Winners: Kenny Ettinger Runners-up: Gordon Forsyth
Alan Thom    Alan Morrison
Pete Rogers    George Wood
Kenny Morrison Scott Whigham
Rink Medal   Winners: Grant McPherson Runners-up: George Fitzgerald
Tam McNeil   Mike Murray
Danny Woods      Pete McCabe
Eddie Thomson  Robert Wood
Handicap    Winner: Donald Forsyth  Runner-up: Darren McKenny
Two Bowl     Winner: George Wood  Runner-up: Donald Forsyth
Victoria Cup  Winner: Max Scott  Runner-up: Kenny Morrison
Club Pairs Winners: Scott Whigham Runners-up: Kenny Ettinger
Darren McKenny   Kenny Morrison
Mixed Pairs  Winners: Mary Buchanan Runners-up: Cath Munro
Alan Morrison   Alex Gibbs
Dunedin Willie Dundas  Alan McCabe Al Sellar  Davie Banks

Bowls Scot & ELBA 2018

Bowls Scotland Gents Singles Craig Ramsay
Bowls Scotland Gents Pairs (A): Kenny Ettinger
Mike Murray
Bowls Scotland Gents Pairs (B):   Ian Ramsay
Craig Ramsay
Bowls Scotland Gents Triples: Alan Morrison
George Wood
Scott Whigham
Bowls Scotland Gents Fours: Kenny Ettinger
Alan Thom
Pete Rogers
Kenny Morrison
Bowls Scotland Mixed Pairs: Mary Buchanan
Alan Morrison
ELBA Pairs:  
ELBA Triples Donald Forsyth
Ian Ramsay
Darren McKenny
ELBA Fours Gordon Forsyth
George Wood
Alan Morrison
Scott Whigham